Crude Oil Hauling & Transportation to Greeley, Fort Collins & Denver, CO area

Crude Oil Hauling & Transportation to Greeley, Fort Collins & Denver, CO area

We are so excited to have moved into our new facility!

Pinnacol Assurance Circle of Safety Award

We were recently awarded the Circle of Safety award from Pinnacol Assurance on November 28th 2016. Out of 55,000 Colorado companies we were one of 3 in Greeley awarded the honor.

The award was in recognition of our dedication to keeping Colorado workers safe on the job. The criteria for the award was an audit of our Risk Management Program which
Includes our Safety Program, Risk Control, Financial Management & Claims management in reference to workers compensation claims and requires a detailed implemented Safety Program.

We celebrated with a lunch for all our employees provided by Pinnacol Assurance with support from Flood & Peterson at our Colorado Crude facility.

Colorado Crude Carriers

Crude Oil Transportation & Hauling

Family owned and operated in Greeley, CO, Colorado Crude Carriers transports crude oil from various tank batteries to the local refinery or rail spurs in adjoining states in a safe and timely matter. We pride ourselves on safety first. We are diverse in our operations, operating semis as well as truck and pup setups. We also have winch capabilities should the need arise.

why choose us?

Colorado Crude Carriers has grown from 1 truck to 38 trucks over the last 18 years. At a time when some fleets are maintaining the status quo, we continue to grow. We recently added a new truck and pup to the fleet. We have broken ground on our new facility located on five acres. It will include five drive-through bays with large spacious offices. We will be moving there in 2015. Contact us today for more information!
We're proud to let you know that this year has been one of growth for us, including an expansion of our network. Thanks to all!

Community Oriented

Our company is a safety-conscious, family-oriented workplace. We proudly support the local community by sponsoring high school football events, a soccer traveling team and a state championship baseball team, as well as providing computers for a science teacher at a local high school.

Hazardous Materials

We comply with all Federal Hazardous Materials regulations.

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